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Real People with Real Service


At Real People Marketing, we are just that – Real People. We have been online since the internet’s inception, and we’ve loved watching it grow into the insanely confusing, robust, and wonderful place it is today. With mobile devices, video game systems, and computers running our lives – we want to do our part to maintain human connections in this bustling, technological world. Our goal is to cut through the noise and bring affordable, painless marketing options to businesses of any size by building those connections.

Over the years, we have worked as freelancers, software developers, sales people, writers, and editors. We have watched how great things come then become old and stale. We have seen today’s new become tomorrow’s obsolete. We know that it is not easy to follow trends due to increasing costs and value.

Real People Marketing LLC began in 2022. We’ve worked with businesses that were robbed by marketing firms or freelancers, businesses that experienced only automated services for a premium price. Marketing requires focus on trends, willingness to adjust, well-earned money, and some good ol’ fashioned elbow grease. You can’t deliver that with a bot system. Automated systems will never fully understand your business, so they can’t deliver like we can.

We bring the tried and true method back to marketing: Real People. Very few of our processes are automated. We automate confirmations so that you know your message was received, and tracking metrics are automated so that we can ensure our marketing campaign works. This is where we draw the line. When you have a question, a concern, a project, or just simply want to chat about ideas and allow them to blossom – you will receive contact with a real person providing real service. This provides attention and clarity, giving confidence in where you are spending your money.

That is not our only drive. Small businesses often cannot afford to drop the money that large marketplaces and manufacturers tend to spend. Some firms will tell you that if you don’t have a massive budget, they won’t work with you. We will. We aim to take today’s low budget and make you have a higher one tomorrow. That’s right, some honesty too. If you make more money because of us – we know you can spend more, do more, and grow more. So will we. Your growth is our growth. That, my friends, is how business should work. Contact us today, and let’s work together.